What is a Nomadess?


A nomad is defined as a member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place searching (for food, water, grazing land).

I envision a “nomadess” as an evolved nomad. She is searching, becoming, creating, constantly learning, growing, traveling (traveling in her thoughts and emotions as well as to different places). Differing from the nomad in that he has no fixed home, she learns that home exists within her. This home dwells within each woman – some of us have searched and found home, and can sit comfortably by the fire that burns in the furnace, while for some of us still on the path to finding home we are following the smoke that rises above from the burning fire.

Knowing home, the nomadess is free to create, hunt, discover, search, and move based upon season, from place to place (much like Artemis, goddess of the hunt, adventure and the wilderness). What is she searching for if she has found her home along the journey?  Most nomadesses were not raised in such a way to be free, their culture and society did not permit it, she was confined to very conforming roles. It wasn’t until she made a choice to venture out on her own, take a risk that she was able to set along the path of becoming a nomadess. As she finds her home within, she discovers a new way of being. Perhaps each nomadess is in search of something different, but at the heart of it, she wants to genuinely know what life tastes and feels like, to live in a freedom that comes from genuinely knowing herself amongst others.

It is as a nomadess that I find my place in the world. In my travels and life’s journey I have found myself with camera or pen in hand trying to grasp the soul of the moment or place in an image or word. In my current journey I have just discovered the front porch of my home, and I am just beginning to open the door. For others, that I hope will share in this site, I hope that this space will be one to share of their journeys with those like me that have just recently begun to understand the path.

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